Platinum / Nikel Elements and Silistors

These elements are PTC devices used for accurate temperature

Some pure metals and alloys have the characteristic to see
their electrical resistance to grow when the temperature

Metals like Platinum and Nickel, and some alloys have a linear
Resistance vs./Temperature Curve.
In Europe, Platinum RTDS's have a coefficient of + 3850 ppm/K,
according to DIN CEI 751.

Other RT Curve exist, following other specs, like american
standards and which we also supply.

Nickel RTD's have, in Europe, a sloop of + 6180 ppm/K.
according to DIN 43760. Other sloops can also be supplied.

The formula for calculation of RT Curve is as follows :

Platinum and Nickel RTD's exist in any values between 20 ohms
and 20.000 ohms at 0C. with several classes of accuracy.
Several sizes and shapes are offered , also SMD.
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Other metals and alloys are offered, also high precision
metal film resistors with a high positive temperature
coefficient, e.g. to replace copper coils with ruggedized
and reliable devices.

For the silistors, manufactured from high pure quality silicon
wafers, they are made with several shapes like DO 35, DO 34,
DO 43, SOD 80, SMD.

They have a more steep slop as Platinum or Nickel and can be
easily linearized with a resistor in parrallel. On the other
hand their temperature range is only between -55 and + 300C.

their formula is as follows:

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