Thermistors Probes

It exists two kinds of thermistors : NTC and PTC
(see these headings for technical information)

For the temperature probes it's generally a NTC
thermistor which is used. In such case American
are preferred for their accuracy and long term stability

These sensors are frequently welded at the end of leads
or cables, with or without a shield, depending of use.

Then the sensor and the end of the leads are encapsulated in a housing made
of different materials and with various shapes (mainly boxes or tubes), in
accordance with the needs, in order to protect the sensitive part against
dusts, moisture, shocks.

Boxes are made eiyher of plastics : PVC, ABS, Polycarbonates, or in metal
(steel, stainless steel, aluminium or other).

Tubes are either in metal : stainless steel, tinner copper, nickel platted copper,
brass, bronze, anodises aluminium, or in plastics : PVC, Silicone, Teflon,
Vinyl, Polycarbonate, etc.

Leads and cables can be insulated with PVC, Silicone, Teflon, Polyurethane,
Vinyl, Isomid, Kynar, Glass, Silk Jacket, etc.

Lenghts are comprised between some centimetres and several tens of meters.
The other end of cables can be stripped, stripped and tinned, fifted with
fast-on or connectors.

All kind of probes are customs designed.


CTP are mainly used for level detection probes, thermal security, overtemperature control.
Silistors, which are in the PTC category, are used for temperature measurement, not as so
accurate as NTC, but with an advantage for their almost linearity.

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