Established in 1988, ASLEC manufactures temperature probes
with NTC and PTC sensors, for all kinds of industries.
We can say : "from aquarium up to Ariane space equipments",
so much the need for temperatures measurements exists in
all industries.

On an other hand, ASLEC deals with special electronic
components in France and in several countries in
Europe, Africa and Asia.

these components are used for measurements and for
temperature, also for over temperature protection.

the main suppliers are:

ALPHA SENSORS (USA) for NTC thermistors.

I.S.T (CH) for RTD's.

for resistive products (accurate metal film resistors,
wirewound power resistors, high voltage, high ohmic
values, potentiometers.

THERMIK (D) for PTC thermistors and temperature
switches for protection.

THINKING (ROC) for power and compensation NTC

Have a look on all theses headings.


Subsidiary company of ASLEC, AS-LASER, established in 1996,
is mainly a subcontractor for YAG laser welding.

AS-LASER manufactures also temperature probes with RTD's
(Platinum, Nickel and other metals), as well as
thermocouples. All these elements are assembled with a laser.

Laser welding permits to put together different kinds of
pieces without using another metal for the solder,
without a chemical flux, there is no oxidation as the
welding is made under Argon atmosphere.

So it is not necessary to clean the pieces after welding.
This is very important for small and fragile pieces.

With this process AS-LASER closes the end of stainless
steel tubes, makes the assembly of probes housing,
the assembly of small mechanical, electromechanical
and eletcronic pieces.

A lot of different industries use the services of AS-LASER
for the assembly of pieces in aeronautic industries, for
jewellery, watchmaking, optics etc.

Many metals can be succesfully assembled, without distortion
or modification of their chemical composition.

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concerning the probes and all kinds of assemblies.
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